10 Online Resources for Cydia iPhone

iphoneFor our readers who had the guts to jailbreak their precious iPhone, chances are you’re probably looking for Cydia apps, tips and other valuable information regarding your jailbroken iPhone. So, we’ve scoured the web and evaluated some of the useful online resources available today. Here are ten best online resources that will make maximize the features of your Cydia iPhone.iPhone Tips and Tricks

This blog was created only last August 2009 but you can already find some useful tips and hacks regarding Jailbroken iPhone. Some of the great posts in the blog include – browsing your iPhone/iPod Touch files on a PC, Cydia iPhone apps recommendation, to installing hacked apps and more.

iPhone World

The site has a good materials and information about tips and tricks, and a comprehensive collection of articles on jailbreaking the iPhone. From installing Cydia over SSH, freeing your iPhone’s RAM, tips about Winterboard theme users and other useful things you should know about Cydia iPhone.


If you’re looking for unlocking tools, free iTune Songs to download, and activate, jailbreak and unlock various iPhone firmwares, this site is your ultimate source.


Has a good list on the top five iPhone Cydia/Installer third party apps. If you haven’t done so, you may want to download and install these apps on your jailbroken iPhone – PDANet, QIK, Quickgold,Bossprefs and Winterboard.

iPhone Software Central

Contains a pretty number of Cydia apps that you can download and install on your iPhone. Some of the good Cydia apps listed here include MobileTermina, NESapp, Bite SMS, Customize, and more.

iPhone Cydia Torrent Search

Useful Cydia iPhone goodies.


As the site’s name, you can find loads of goodies for unlocking and jailbreaking your iPhone here, including Cydia installation.

Rock Your Phone

This site has a good collection of cool apps that you can try out for free and then purchase it later if you find the apps interesting.

Folkd.com Social Bookmark for Cydia

If you’re looking for comprehensive write-ups about Cydia iPhone, here are links and resources bookmarked by Folkd.com. There are about 34 bookmarks available so you got a lot of chances to find what you are looking for.

iPhone Cydia FAQ

Here’s a good FAQ discussing everything that you need to know to have a pleasant Cydia iPhone experience.

Cydia Official Site

Of course our list of ten online resources for Cydia iPhone will not be complete if we don’t include the official Cydia site. There several valuable user guides as well as the different Cydia packages available.