10 New NBC Local Integrated Media Sites: Locals Only

NBCLocalsOnlyMiamiLogo.jpgThe 10 new Websites launched by NBC Local Integrated Media Wednesday are strictly for Locals Only.

The company debuted the commercial versions of its 10 city sites, which launched in beta in October. The Locals Only sites feature social-media functions including a “mood-rating” application that allows users to weigh in on the overall mood of their city. Users can also comment on how the sites’ content makes them feel, with responses including “thrilled,” “furious,” “intrigued” and “sad.”

Status updates for each Locals Only site are updated frequently, highlighting things such as what Philadelphia is laughing about, what thrills Chicago, what intrigues New Yorkers or, as highlighted in the featured logo, what makes Miami mad.

“SoMyCity” allows users to contribute photos and commentary in three areas: “Confess,” “Check It” and “What The?” Content is posted directly on the sites and via Twitter or email, and it can be shared on Twitter and Facebook. The most popular “moments,” as voted on by users in that city, will be displayed on the homepage and other areas of the sites.

Talent lured to Locals Only by vice president of content and editor in chief Gregory Gittrich includes: Jenna Briand, former director of programming and editor in chief of AOL City Guide; Steve Bryant, former New York editor of Thrillist; Laurel Pinson, former online editor at Lucky magazine; Jessica Sick, former editor of the Miami Herald‘s Miami.com; Owen Thomas, former managing editor of Valleywag; and Gregory Wilson, former deputy news editor at the New York Daily News.

The 10 areas where NBC Local Integrated Media launched Locals Only sites are: Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, D.C..

NBC Local Integrated Media senior VP Brian Buchwald said:

This is an exciting next step in the Locals Only brand strategy. Our beta focused on the cities themselves, creating an online source of information for the true city insider. Our next phase focuses on the communities behind those cities, giving our users a voice and creating a platform that is a true reflection of our local residents.