10 Must-See Digital Marketing Stats From the Week: Dec. 8-12

Instagram breaks 300 million as marketers go big on data and tech

Here are this week's 10 most compelling data points from the digital marketing space, including what media buyers and marketers have in store for next year.

1. An Integral Ad Sciences research report—from a survey of nearly 400 media buyers and sellers—is about to appear exclusively on Adweek.com. Here's a sneak peek: Slightly more than 50 percent of the buyers said they purchased against the Media Ratings Council's viewability standard since it went live in on June 30. Seventy-three percent said they will buy against the standard next year. Under the new standard, brands are only charged for a video view if someone watches it for two seconds or more.

2. Tech company Conductor surveyed 182 marketing executives, and 61 percent said data is "more" or "much more" important than it was 12 months ago.

3. From the same survey, 65 percent of the execs said they plan to spend more on marketing technology in the coming year.

4. Kate Spade recently began running a combination of shoppable video promos and pre-roll ads across Google's Display Network, targeting sites such as US Weekly, Salon, Food Network and Rolling Stone, which are popular with women. All told, the video ads, which feature Anna Kendrick, have reached 20 million viewers since Nov. 7.

5. Instagram now has 300 million monthly users; so the photo- and video-sharing mobile platform can claim a bigger registered base than Twitter.

6. While working with tech firm NewBrandAnalytics, burger chain Five Guys observed that its Coca-Cola "freestyle" soda machines boosted positive social sentiment by 20 percent when compared to locations without them.

7. In that same vein, Wingstop saw sentiment drop when its limited-time dipping sauce, Mango Habanero, went away, according to Infegy, which supplies the brand and its agency, Barkley, with social data. The brand relaunched the flavor, and social conversation changed from 67 percent negative to 95 percent positive around the terms "Wingstop" and "Mango Habanero." 

8. Content Analytics recently analyzed more than 17,000 e-commerce product pages and found that the ones with video are 200 percent more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results.

9. Kentico's new digital survey found that 31 percent of respondents will look online for help with New Year's resolutions, and 38 percent plan to hunt for sites or apps that can help track their progress.

10. 21.3 million. That's how many Instagram followers Ariana Grande has cultivated—even though she deletes a lot of perfectly innocent posts for an unknown reason.

Bonus finding for the holidays: MWW studied nearly 10,000 American adults to assess their real-life priorities and discovered that spending time with family was No. 1, while being true to oneself was second.