10 Most Powerful Tweets of 2010

It’s a big task to determine the 10 most powerful tweets among the more than 25 billion that were sent in 2010, but Twitter has released their list today as part of their 2010 Year in Review series. Did you retweet any of these behemoth tweets this year?

Today’s list of most powerful tweets follows yesterday’s list of the ten top trends on Twitter, and Friday’s new faces that joined Twitter in 2010.

The tweets that made it to the “most powerful” list ranged from humanitarian to a cry for help, and covered events like the earthquake in Haiti, presidential politics, and royal weddings.

Here’s our top three from the top ten:

Ann Curry sent out a tweet during the efforts to send aid immediately after the earthquake in Haiti which helped to save lives. She was part of an effort to convince the US Air Force to allow Doctors without Borders to land.

A biker was able to save her own life with a tweet. After her bike crashed, triathlete Leigh Fazzina was able to send out a tweet – as she was out of range of cell reception – which mobilized dozens of her followers to call police on her behalf.

A state of emergency was declared on Twitter for the first time, as Ecuador experienced civil unrest. President Rafael Correa tweeted this warning to his citizens, and leaders across Latin America retweeted to show their support.

Those were our picks for top three most powerful tweets. What are yours?