10 Ways To Have Fun With YouTube In Your Daily Life

I am a self-proclaimed YouTube addict. I watch YouTube videos at every chance I get and make a point to incorporate YouTube into my daily schedule whenever possible, be it for background music, tutorials, inspiration or just plain fun. That’s why I decided to put together this list of 10 practical excuses for incorporating YouTube into your own daily routine. We’ll start in the morning, and head through an average daily routine to see where we can squeeze in a few YouTube videos along the way. Are you ready to YouTube-ify your life?

Early Morning Motivation

Good morning, sunshine! When you’ve just rolled out of bed it can be difficult to keep your eyes open. I’ve found that there’s no better way to get motivated and start your day out on the right foot then by heading over to YouTube to listen to an inspirational song while dancing around the house. Everyone has their own particular taste in music, but something upbeat with positive lyrics should do the trick! Check out one of my favorite inspirational early-morning YouTube clips below (the music starts at 0:17). I dare you not to jump up and dance.

Breakfast Time!

Once you’re up and at ’em, ready start your day after dancing around the house to some inspirational YouTube tunes it’s time to eat breakfast. But what do you cook? YouTube is literally chock full of great breakfast recipes. Do a little search, see what looks good and take your laptop into the kitchen with you to make something tasty! I love this French toast recipe (although I like to use vanilla instead of honey). Mmm.

Burn Off That Breakfast

If you’re going to eat a big YouTube breakfast every day then you’ll have to do something to burn off all those calories. Luckily YouTube has tons of workout videos as well. You can choose one video to incorporate into your daily routine (I like to go running and stretch before and after with tips I learned in this video), or you can try out a different YouTube workout each day. I recommend moving your boogie body with this Jazzercise clip.

Put Your Face On

After you move your boogie body you’ll probably want to shower. Unfortunately you can’t take your computer in the shower with you, but as soon as you’re out you can get right back to business with a YouTube makeup tutorial. YouTube has literally thousands of videos showing you how to do your makeup. Choose a look that you like and get to work! I think today I’d like to sport the seductive vampire look.

Solve All Your Work Questions

You started your day out on the right foot, with an inspirational song, a great breakfast and a jazzy workout and now you’ve arrived at work sporting your new seductive vampire look when, oh no! You turn your computer on and see an email from your boss asking you to make him look a little more muscular in the family photo he took at the beach (what the heck is your job that your boss is asking you to do this for him??). Not sure how to give your boss a great set of abs? Just head over to YouTube and your problem is a problem no more! In fact, there are YouTube videos to help you figure out how to do all kinds of computer-related things, from Photoshop problems, to solving computer glitches, using all kinds of software and more. Now lets get to work on your boss’s abs.

Lunch Break!

Now that your boss is looking ab-tastic in his family beach photo it’s time for lunch. You can head down to the local deli for a sandwich OR you can blow your co-workers away with an amazing home-cooked lunch that you prepared while watching a YouTube video. To be fair, you’ll probably have to prepare your YouTube lunch in advance, but you can re-watch the video recipe while you eat for some lunchtime entertainment. And what’s more entertaining than a talking dog teaching you how to prepare your own Japanese Bento lunch?

Give Your Office Reputation A Boost

While you’re munching on your Bento lunch, take the time to peruse the holy online video grail that is YouTube for something entertaining to share with your co-workers (of course, you’re doing this on your lunch break so it’s perfectly okay). If you get into the habit of sharing a daily dose of YouTube fun with your co-workers they will learn to love you more and look forward to your daily pick. Check out my daily pick below. It’s an oldie but a goodie and I will be more than happy to let you share it with your co-workers!

Soups On!

After a productive day at work, giving your boss great abs and earning the respect of your co-workers with a great video of a dog running into a wall, it’s time for dinner. How about soup? There are a ton of great soup recipes on YouTube and who doesn’t love soup? How does creamy potato sound to you?

Bedtime Story For The Kids

After dinner it’s time to get the kids ready for bed. Sure, you could read to them from a book, but why do that when you can plop them down in front of the computer to have Susan Sarandon read them a bedtime story?

“Bedtime Story” For You

And YouTube isn’t only great for getting your kids ready for bed. You can also find a clip to get you ready to end your day the same way you started it – on the right foot! There are all sorts of YouTube clips to help you spice up your sex life. Why not try this one on for size? Embedding for this video has been disabled, but you can click to watch it here.

Image Credit: Girl Zone