1 In 10 Friends Notice Your Facebook Wall Posts

Only ten percent of friends notice an average Facebook wall post.

One in ten friends notice the average wall posting on Facebook.

So says Robin Davey of GrowVision, who says you can prove this assertion yourself by replicating his simple test: Write on your own wall asking anyone who sees the post to click “like.” The resulting number of likes will show you the one-in-ten finding, assuming your wall visibility is set for all friends.
If you’ve got privacy settings limiting who can see your wall, then adjust your math accordingly to see whether the one-in-ten applies to your friends.
Now this one-in-ten result comes from groveling for likes. Without that, the potential that someone might notice a post and click through drops way below ten percent. Davey wagers that clickthroughs to shared videos are more like one percent of friends.
That sounds like a pretty strong call to action for Facebook marketers, and anyone else trying to get noticed on the site.
Readers, how many of your friends notice your wall posts?