This Campaign Reimagines a Romantic Landmark to Reflect Modern Love

Digital wallet Yape and 121 Latam create an inclusive version of the 30-year-old sculpture

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Couples have flocked to the Park of Love in Lima, Peru since it opened on Valentine’s Day in 1993. The theme is represented by mosaics with quotes about love and a central elevated sculpture called The Kiss, depicting a man and a woman embracing and kissing.

For the park’s 30th anniversary, digital wallet Yape and agency 121 Latam sought to produce a more inclusive depiction of love by building a replica of the sculpture’s platform, allowing visitors to create their own versions of The Kiss.

“At Yape, we wanted to convey the freshness and values of the brand through an action with a powerful message, allowing us to escape the typical greetings of these dates,” Yape chapter leader of marketing and communications Alessandra Pinto said in a statement. “That’s why, for Valentine’s Day, we invited all Peruvians to express the way they experience love.”

A 90-second campaign video showcases the results of “The Kiss of Everyone,” which took place the weekend before Valentine’s Day. It shows the platform being used by couples of all ages and genders, as well as love embodied by a woman kissing her dog and parents with their children.

Audiences gathered to applaud the kisses and snap pictures while visiting the park, which is a popular spot to place love locks and leave flowers. The campaign’s message is “Yape is for everyone, and so is love.”

“Yape is a brand committed to inclusion and is an active part of the daily lives of Peruvians,” 121 Latam executive creative director Lucas Bargen said in a statement. “On this special day, we had the opportunity to give a message that transcends a greeting or a promotion. That’s why, taking advantage of the fact that more than 30 years have passed since the sculpture was created, we sought to evolve its message, make it more current and represent love for everyone.”

Photos and other content from the event were shared throughout the week of Valentine’s Day across Yape’s social media channels.