T.L. Stanley

T.L. Stanley is a frequent contributor to Adweek.

Jeff Goldblum’s Terrible Kitchen Skills Make Him the Perfect Host for a Digital Cooking Series

Cooking With Jeff is the result of a collaboration between Kroger and Funny or Die.

Stock Art Services Agree to Stop Accepting Images of Wild Animals in ‘Unnatural’ Poses

PETA has persuaded a number of sites to limit shots to zoos and natural habitats.

Is Every Food Influencer Screaming About Ghee? Thanks to Organic Valley’s Ad Editors, Yes

Ghee is an easy replacement, even in videos that don't use it, as illustrated by this amusing ad.

A Thai Shampoo Ad Poignantly Tells the Story of a Transgender Beauty Queen and Her Hair

Meet Rock Kwanlada.

This French Telecom Ad Perfectly Captures the Feeling of Losing Your Phone

You might as well be on a deserted island.

Skip the Lattes, and the Gym: A Sassy Tween Offers Money Tips in Australian Bank Ads

'Sunny's Truth Bombs' aim to offer fun, simple advice.

Feel Your Blood Pressure Rise as Oxygen Gears Up for a ‘Cruel Summer’

Oxygen rolls out a series of blood-pressure-raising, tense promos for its new 'Cruel Summer' slate.

Here’s What Happens When World Soccer Stars Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

Home-bound global soccer stars pick up new (and somewhat strange) hobbies as they miss the World Cup.

Agency Dads Tell Jokes for Father’s Day and the Results Are Exactly What You’d Expect

Not taking itself too seriously, RPA dads try their hand at standup comedy. Operative word: try.

This Branded Series Makes a Compelling Case That Cheez Doodles Are the Key to Happiness

Smart, funny and sharp, Kastner & Partners hits a comedy home run for Cheez Doodles.