Ronan Shields

Ronan Shields

Ronan Shields is a reporter for Adweek, focusing on ad-tech.

Taking Media In-House Is not a Case of One Size Fits All

Brands taking media in-house is not a case of one size fits all.  

Amobee Chief Kim Perell Exits, Successor Already Named

Perell is ending her three-year tenure effective immediately.

2019: The Year of Ad-Tech Darwinism

A year of bankruptcies, fire sales and accelerated M&A deals began the next era of ad tech that will see the survival of the fittest.

Rubicon Project and Telaria to Merge

The pair will form the largest sell-side ad-tech platform.

Advertisers Want to De-Risk Their Reliance on Google and Facebook

Public backlash against Big Data is forcing advertisers to seek alternatives to the walled gardens.

News Corp. and Insider Inc. Lead Publisher Charge to Swell Prebid’s Ranks

Other notable names to join the independent ad-tech coalition include Chegg and SHE Media.

The Holding Group Model Is Undergoing Fundamental Disruption

Investors cite 'fundamental disruption' of the holding group model as the reason behind the ongoing investment.

Ad Tech’s Response to Privacy Pushback and New Regulations Leans Toward a Post-Cookie World

Media trading is evolving toward a post-cookie world.

The Privacy Zeitgeist Means User Consent Is the New Key to Investment

Startup Ogury raises $50 million on its trove of user-provided data.

Google Co-Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin Are Stepping Down

The titans of Silicon Valley are leaving their roles as CEO and as president of Alphabet