With an Eye Toward Global Expansion, Bumble Brings on a New VP of Partnerships

Michele Tobin joins the Bumble team from Grindr

Tobin, who will be responsible for expanding Bumble’s brand partnerships, has already secured one with Annapurna Pictures. Photo courtesy of Bumble
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Dating and networking app Bumble has its eye on major global expansion in the next few years, and it’s relying on brand partnerships to get there. With that in mind, Bumble announced that Michele Tobin, a 15-year veteran in the business-to-consumer and mobile world, has joined the team as vp of partnerships.

“As our industry continues to evolve, Bumble strives to stay ahead of the curve by working with both established and next-generation companies,” Alex Williamson, Bumble’s chief brand officer, said in a statement. “We’re excited for Michele to lead our collaborative work with like-minded brands that align with our values and mission to promote equality and women’s empowerment.”

Tobin, who has already been hard at work for Bumble, will be responsible for expanding Bumble’s brand partnerships and coming up with more in-app and real-world experiences for brand partners. She has been building a team and working to develop a “suite of offerings” that Bumble can take to new and existing partners, Tobin said.

“There’s been such tremendous inbound interest in brands partnering with Bumble that my team was set up to better serve partnerships and basically work with brands the align with our mission and our values who we can craft innovative partnerships with who really bring value to both Bumble users and to our brand partners,” Tobin said. “We’re in a very lucky position to be selective and mindful of the brands that we work with.”

Since joining the team, Tobin has secured a partnership with Los Angeles-based production company Annapurna Pictures. The two companies have been working together on the film Booksmart, which is set to premier on May 24. With such a big partnership under her belt, Tobin said she wants to continue to ensure Bumble is both selective and mindful of the brands it works with and continues to create interesting and innovative partnerships. Some of Bumble’s previous partners include HBO, Moxy Hotels and Alice + Olivia.

Tobin’s past credentials include vp of global brand partnerships and advertising at Grindr as well as vp of brand partnerships at DraftKings and Rovio Entertainment (the company behind mobile game Angry Birds). She said one of Bumble’s biggest draws was the fact that it’s a purpose-driven brand with a mission of championing and supporting women.

@ktjrichards katie.richards@adweek.com Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.