Will Ken Bone Be Mountain Dew’s Next Puppy Monkey Baby in This Year’s Super Bowl?

Election meme wants to be in brand's Big Game ad

Love it or hate it, Mountain Dew created a viral sensation during last year’s Super Bowl with its ad featuring the slightly creepy but nonetheless fascinating Puppy Monkey Baby. And now, Ken Bone, who became an internet sensation during the 2016 election season, just threw his hat in the ring to be the brand’s new Super Bowl pitchman.

A Belleville, Ill. native, Bone, who gained a huge Twitter following after his appearance at a presidential town hall debate wearing his cozy red sweater, just tweeted at Mountain Dew offering up his services for this year’s Big Game.



Mountain Dew hasn’t yet responded to Adweek’s request for comment about the tweet and hasn’t confirmed whether they’re advertising in this year’s Super Bowl, but it’s worth noting that Bone’s debate question was about energy, possibly an ideal tie-in for the ultracaffeinated soft drink.

Bone already has scored pitchman deals with Uber and fittingly Izod, for which he milked his 15 minutes of fame by encouraging Americans to vote.

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