Why State Farm Is Partnering With Musicians Like DJ Khaled to Host Intimate Sessions Across the U.S.

All about giving back to the community

DJ Khaled performed for 'neighbors' in New Orleans. YouTube: State Farm Insurance
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State Farm is hoping to show off its charitable (and hip) side with a new 15-minute film, created in partnership with agency Translation. The film focuses on State Farm’s longstanding Neighborhood Sessions series, where artists from Usher to DJ Khaled host events in cities across the country to thank “neighbors” for volunteering with local charities.

Earlier in the year State Farm collaborated with L.A. Clippers player Chris Paul and rapper DJ Khaled to pull off its next round of Neighborhood Sessions, this time in New Orleans. Jon Batiste, who you might recognize as the musical talent from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, also makes an appearance at the performance.

“This is a great moment that celebrates both basketball and music fans. Chris Paul lead the collaborative efforts with State Farm over the 2017 NBA All Star Weekend to give back to the local New Orleans community,” John Norman, CCO of Translation, said. “Through the Neighborhood Sessions platform, State Farm aims to demonstrate their commitment to help, and inspire good neighbors everywhere to make a difference in their communities.”

The video shows clips from the live performance (around the nine-minute mark) but also tells a greater story about Chris Paul and what makes New Orleans such a special place to him. “I feel like this city helped raise me and mold me into who I am,” Paul says of New Orleans.

“It’s really, really important to have the right mentor and the right leader in the community and that’s how I intend to use my platform however big it grows, I can always give the gift of music and give the gift of my time,” Batiste adds.

Fifteen minutes may seem like a long time, and to some extent it is, but the film does a nice job of highlighting State Farm’s charitable nature, with great shots of Chris Paul and DJ Khaled delivering new computers to a group of local school kids. Plus, the clips of DJ Khaled are a nice bonus for any fans of the artist.

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