This Company Acts as a Tinder to Pair Brand Marketers With Celebrities and Influencers

Hollyfy uses data-driven software to find the perfect match

HollyFy just launched an app that makes finding an influencer that much easier. Hollyfy
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Finding the perfect influencer for your brand or company is a notoriously tricky business. You want someone who connects with your audience, but also who is a safe bet and free of any potential scandals that could impact your brand. That’s exactly why Hollyfy, a native advertising platform, was created.

The company is designed to leverage its data-driven software and act as a matchmaker between brand marketers and what Hollyfy refers to as entertainment providers. Those “providers” can be anyone from musicians, social media influencers, movie productions or any type of major celebrity. Now, Hollyfy is taking its next big step by launching a platform that brand marketers and entertainment providers can use to find their perfect pairs—basically, like Tinder for brands and influencers.

A group of former agency executives created the platform to help make the process of finding talent to work with on branded content or entertainment projects that much easier.

“This is a groundbreaking platform that can really disrupt and change the way talent, celebrities and influencers can connect with brands for advertising opportunities,” Jason Newman, head of Untitled’s “tradigital” division, said. “In our business, in traditional Hollywood, we deal with casting directors, studio heads, anybody who has anything to do with film and television. This gives us direct access to all the agencies that deal with representing brands and marketing to consumers. We finally have broken down that barrier and are able to be on a platform where we can share information and get to meet each other and be able to get our clients more work.”

To date, Hollyfy has signed on CAA and Untitled Entertainment as interested parties, among others that are still in the works. Both are in early stages of working with the platform.

“We are constantly searching for new technologies that enable innovative opportunities. Hollyfy stands out among these as it allows us to effectively connect digital content and entertainment with organically fitting partnerships,” Kendra Bracken-Ferguson, Chief Digital Officer at BrainTrust CAA-GBG, told Adweek in an email.

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.