More Than a Taqueria: Tacombi Is Servicing Its Community

The fast-growing Mexican eatery is providing a blueprint on how to blend generosity with capitalism

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In the fast-paced, competitive food and beverage world, brands seldom masterfully blend business acumen with a genuine dedication to serving the community. Success is often attributed to innovative menus, exceptional customer service or celebrity-endorsed marketing.

We traditionally assume the content is king and put the community impact behind the bottom line. But while most are still trying to blend generosity with capitalism, Tacombi, the taqueria tour-de-force, has provided a blueprint worth studying.

Active participation

Tacombi is one of the fastest-growing restaurants in the country. Started by Dario Wolos in a VW Bus in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Tacombi now has 15 restaurants in 5 cities, with ambitious plans of reaching 75 restaurants around the country. They’ve secured $27.5 Million in funding, recently opened a new food manufacturing facility and brought on board acclaimed Mexican “Master Chef” Carmen Miranda to lead culinary innovations for the company.

While these milestones make for great PR headlines, what’s not lost for Tacombi is the need to remain an active community member where their taquerias call home.

Through their Tacombi Foundation nonprofit, the brand partners with community organizations such as NICE, Miami Rescue Mission, Mixteca, LSA and Community Food Rescue to tackle the challenge of food insecurities in the communities they serve. They donate over 8,000 fresh meals weekly through these local partnerships and over 600,000 meals overall. Last year Cinco De Mayo alone raised over $320,000, leading to over 100,000 meals for various communities.

Tacombi is relationship-building in a way that comes with servicing your community as a part of your business model. Building stronger connections through active participation demonstrates a genuine commitment to the customer and alignment with values. When a brand aligns this way, people take notice and share their experiences with friends, family and social media communities. This strategy unleashes organic word-of-mouth marketing to attract new customers.

The payoff

An approach to business in this way also leads to developing a solid brand reputation. Servicing your community serves as a powerful tool for enhancing brand reputation. When brands engage in charitable activities, they’re seen as socially responsible entities.

How much stronger is that resonance when these philanthropic activities are a natural part of the brand’s process? According to a 2017 study by Cone Communications, 87% of consumers purchase based on values and 76% boycott based on values.

Today’s consumer is conscious of their economic support and places a high price on their loyalty. Harnessing goodwill through serving the local community will position any brand to be well-received by its target customers.

Tacombi’s perfect pairing of business and benevolence exemplifies what can be achieved when a brand combines sound business strategy with authentic community support. As companies compete for deeper consumer relationships, serving the community emerges as a secret ingredient that sets successful brands apart.

By actively engaging in community service initiatives, brands can build stronger connections, enhance their brand reputation and drive positive word-of-mouth. Socially conscious consumers are more likely to support brands prioritizing community welfare. As consumers’ lives become more conflicted, embracing community service is not just an ethical choice but also a strategic one for brands aiming to achieve long-term success.

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