Squarespace’s Super Bowl Teaser Reveals Martin Scorsese’s Collaborator: His Daughter

The brand's video shows the legendary director talking through the project with daughter Francesca

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Legendary director Martin Scorsese gets creative help from his daughter Francesca Scorsese in Squarespace’s Super Bowl 58 teaser.

The charming four-minute film sets up the website building service’s 10th consecutive commercial in the Big Game. It is also Scorsese’s first time directing a Super Bowl ad. 

The trailer plays on the Scorsese father-daughter dynamic that has gone viral through 24-year-old Francesca’s TikTok and Instagram videos, in which she features her dad in down-to-earth situations outside Hollywood—from guessing the meaning of slang words to playing with their dog. Like those videos, Squarespace’s campaign shows the Oscar-winning director in a more playful light and could help introduce him to a younger audience. 

In the brand’s teaser, Francesca comes upon Martin as he agonizes over his latest creative project: “a really, really short” film, aka Squarespace’s Super Bowl ad in which “the main character happens to be a website.” There’s only one problem: he doesn’t understand that character or know how to make a website. 

Francesca comes to his aid, talking Martin through his director’s block and the details of the story. He says the film is about “an intergalactic plea for connection,” though he doesn’t mean Martians. 

To get to the bottom of the character, Francesca also calmly walks him through the process of building a website, starting with securing a domain and then making some design choices—all with the help of Squarespace. “It’s basically not real if it’s not on the internet,” she tells him.

“This website slaps, kid,” Martin replies, much to her chagrin.

From there, the auteur is ready to begin. 

Squarespace’s Super Bowl ads have previously featured celebrities, including last year’s surreal spot with actor Adam Driver, which ranked 46th out of 51 on USA Today’s Ad Meter. The brand’s 2022 campaign followed actress and singer Zendaya as she sold seashells by the seashore, which ranked 24th out of 66 on USA Today’s Ad Meter. 

But Squarespace’s ad directed by Scorsese is the brand’s most prestigious Hollywood collaboration to date. 

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