Sound Changes the Way Food Tastes, and This Cheese Brand Set Out to Prove It

Castello and Mother London explore the interplay of senses

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Cheese brand Castello explores how to enhance perception of flavor with its 10-minute video from Mother. Mother
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Did you know that you’re likely to experience the taste of foods differently depending on whether you’re in a silent room or listening to classical music? Or that the shape and color of your bowls and plates can alter your perception of sweet and savory?

This idea of sensory overlap is a concept explored in a new online content campaign “feed your senses” for Castello, a British cheese brand, made by agency Mother London and Tastemade.

The campaign, which will primarily run on Tastemade, will include three documentary style films, each exploring a different cheese flavor profile: sharp, creamy and crumbly. They are presented by taste experts including a sensory chef, material scientist and food anthropologist.

In the first long-form film about “sharp” flavors, classical musicians are enlisted to play music that imitates the different flavor profiles experienced by diners, enhancing their experience.

Mother also has created 12 pieces of social video content for the campaign.

In a video offering a “hack” to increase fiery flavor notes, we learn how pointed shapes–such as using an angular plate to serve food—can enhance a person’s experience of spiciness and how the color pink can enhance sweetness.

One of the videos made for Instagram shows how to “feed your senses” with a recipe that combines crème brûlée with baked brie:

Client: Arla
Brand: Castello
Creative: Mother
Strategy: Mother
Production: Tastemade
Editorial: Tastemade

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@saramayspary Sara Spary is a freelance journalist based in London. She's been a reporter for eight years, covering advertising and consumer brands.