Quiz Master Scott Rogowsky Ran the First Live HQ Show at SXSW With 300 Attendees

'I don't get to see HQties in the flesh that often,' the app's host told Adweek

Now that Rogowsky has his first HQ live show under his belt, he's already gearing up for the brand's next move: an integration with Amazon's Audible. Dianna McDougall

One year after Adweek sat down with Quiz Khalifa Scott Rogowsky to discuss HQ Trivia dictating when and how consumers use apps, Rogowsky is celebrating a new win—and an HQ landmark. On Sunday afternoon at Austin’s SXSW, he hosted the mobile trivia app’s first live gameshow. And while plenty of mobile fads end up being just a flash in the pan, the event proved HQ is still going strong: Rogowsky said it was a packed house, with a “line around the block.”

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