Purpose-Driven Restaurant Chain &pizza Is Looking to the Frozen Food Aisle

Pizza restaurant is thinking in seasons, just like a fashion house

Even in a pizza restaurant, “aesthetics matter,” says &pizza co-founder Doug Jacob.

Making the experience about more than just a slice of baked dough, sauce and toppings is how the 8-year-old chain established itself in a crowded space; think of it as fashion pizza.

With more than 30 locations in cities from Washington, D.C. to Boston, Jacob reveals that retailing is the hardest part of the business. So the next stop might be the frozen food aisle. “We’re going to try and compete with the DiGiornos and the Tombstones of the world,” Jacob tells Ian Wishingrad in this week’s episode of I’m With the Brand.

Editor: Breana Mallamaci

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