Pornhub Created a Perfect (and SFW) Satire of Sportswear Ads to Hype Its New Line of Socks

Why #RuleYourself when you can #BeatYourself?

'You may go solo, but you come hard.' Pornhub

It just might be the oldest sport in history—playing with yourself.

Pornhub is out with a new ad that magnificently skewers athletic marketing tropes—the kinds about pushing your body to the limit, overcoming obstacles, staying disciplined and finding your best even when the odds seem stacked against you. They’re the bread and butter of ads from brands like Nike and Under Armour. But in the 90-second video from the smut site, these clichés find new life as an apparently never-ending string of double entendres.

“No matter the conditions, each day you find the motivation,” says the voice-over. A typical dramatic training montage shows a skater, a boxer, a basketball player, a soccer player—drilling at all hours of the night in pursuit of that extra inch of glory.

“Sometimes it’s rough, but that’s how you like it. The truth is, it’s in the darkest hours, when you rise to the occasion. First you choke. But once you warm up, you’re on fire. Your hands are hot. You may go solo, but you come hard. You give it your all to the very last drop.”

Naturally, it’s all a grand metaphor for masturbation—and while a little juvenile, it’s also plenty clever, with the campaign hashtag, #BeatYourself, being an especially inspired dig at taglines like Under Armour’s #RuleYourself.

A line of lewd, limited edition socks—featuring male and female porn stars with their mouths open—tie the joke together with a punchline about “pro gear for your feet, and your hands,” as one of the athletes demonstrates the latter use, in perhaps the ad’s funniest moment—in short, a truly ridiculous artistic climax.

The ad was created by Madrid-based agency Officer & Gentleman, which does a large amount of Pornhub’s creative campaigns, including last year’s 10th anniversary spot.

Agency: Officer & Gentleman
Executive Creative Directors: Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño & Alex Katz
Managing Director: Jose Ortiz
Account Director: Alejandro Fata
Agency Producer: Beto P.F.
Strategic Planner: Ainara Aizpuru
Creative Director: Edu Lozano
Art Directors: Alex Katz, Daniel Marco Muñoz, Luis Álvarez
Copywriters: Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño, Mónica Gramunt, Javi Dieguez
Packaging Design: Luis Álvarez Web Design: Daniel Marco Muñoz
Production Company: Bosalay Films Director: Iñigo Jiménez
Executive Producers: Pablo Zorrilla & Felipe Salas
Producer: Unai Somoza DOP: Hugo Prats
Color Grading: Rodrigo Carrasco
Music: Rodrigo Carrasco
Sound: The Lobby
Voice Talent: Keyon Mayo

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.