Podcasts May Have Replaced Video, but a Solid Content Strategy Is Still King

Written pieces are still a brand’s best asset

Three different images: A black and white picture of a microphone, a desk with notes, coffee and a laptop and a black and white photo of a camera
Let text content be an evergreen component of your brand’s marketing strategy to complement bigger bets in your portfolio. Pixabay

If recent headlines about the great podcasting craze of 2019 feel a little familiar, there’s a good reason why. Remember 2017’s great pivot to video? You certainly do if you’re a journalist. Publishers from Mic to MTV laid off large portions of their newsrooms to accommodate video-first content strategies, with many brands following suit. It made sense to many at the time, as Facebook and the like touted video-friendly algorithms and extolled the stopping power of visual-first content.

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Michael Grimes is director, editorial strategy at Hill Holliday.