People Love the Crap Out of Poo-Pourri, at Least According to Its First TV Push

Loyal fans vouch for toilet deodorizer in spots

The campaign includes real reviews and tweets from happy customers. Poo~Pourri
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Poo-Pourri is bringing is signature brand of bathroom humor to the national stage.

The before-you-go toilet spray is launching its first national TV campaign on networks E! and Bravo. The 12-year-old brand has become a cult-favorite in recent years, with much of its success stemming from its viral “Girls Don’t Poop” video in 2013. According to Poo-Pourri, the video—which features a posh woman decked out in pearls describing the her bowel movements in great detail—resulted in 10 million views in two weeks.

Since then, the brand has released a number of other humorous videos, most of them two to three minutes long and very much geared towards an online, millennial-leaning audience. For example, a recent series called #GirlsDoPoop features 20- and 30-something women rehashing their poop horror stories.

Via its first TV buy, as well as out-of-home that spans New York City, Houston and Dallas, Poo-Pourri hopes its potty-mouthed humor will resonate with the masses. Considering the product already has a band of loyal fans, Poo-Pourri is largely relying on its customers to do the talking, since the brand has more than 20,000 five-star reviews online.

According to Nicole Story, senior vice president of marketing and creative for the company, the campaign includes real reviews and tweets from happy customers.

Story said that Poo-Pourri wanted to tap into its “goldmine of customer love” to tell its story.

“Our followers go to bat for us if anyone ever doubts the product,” she said. “We also know people trust strangers on the internet more than advertisers. So it was time to bring this fan love to life and tell the world to not just trust us, [but to] trust them. Our fans practically wrote this spot for us.”

A Poo-Pourri billboard in Dallas.

Running through the summer, Story said the TV spots will capitalize on Poo-Pourri’s growth and its availability both online and in a variety of stores.

“Our past advertising efforts were made for the internet, focused on longer format and mostly formulated for direct conversion,” said Story. “Over the years, Poo-Pourri’s retail presence has skyrocketed. We’re now available freaking everywhere. It is time for us to widen our aperture and spend beyond direct conversion to broader our brand awareness.”

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@Minda_Smiley Minda Smiley is an agencies reporter at Adweek.