Obsessing About Your Next Promotion Could Be Holding You Back

Pinterest's Judy Lee talks AR experiences and career tips on this episode of Top of Mind

Editor: Breana Mallamaci

After two years at Pinterest, Judy Lee pitched her CMO on a new role: head of global experiences, a job that would blend her love of brand marketing with an expertise in creating surprising experiences for all Pinterest users. She got the gig, and sat down with Adweek for an episode of Top of Mind to share some exciting innovations happening on the platform and the career advice that’s propelled her to new heights.

With stints at Facebook, Pandora, AOL and CNET, Lee has been steeped in digital content for most of her career. What excites her most at Pinterest at the moment? Using AR and AI—with a purpose. With augmented reality technology, users can try on lipstick from various brands on the platform without visiting a store. And unlike similar experiences on other platforms, the Try-On tool isn’t a filter, meaning users can see how the color complements their true skin tone and features.

And Pinterest just finished piloting an AI program in the U.S. that offers helpful resources to anyone who searches for sadness- or depression-related topics, reinforcing its goal of remaining “the last positive corner on the internet.”

Don’t miss the crucial advice she gives all of her mentees: “There’s nothing that makes you seem more junior than an obsession with being senior. So just focus on creating great work, and the rest will follow.”

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