New Oreo Campaign Reminds You How Delightful Dunking Cookies Can Be

Brand debuts 3 spots starring Shaq, Neymar and Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera dunks an Oreo while riding a bike on a tightrope in the spot. YouTube: Oreo Cookie
Headshot of Katie Richards

What’s the best part of eating an Oreo? Some might say just eating it. For others there’s a ritual involved. First you twist the cookie, then lick the cream filling, put the cookie back together, dunk the Oreo in milk and then, finally, eat it.

A new campaign from Oreo, the “Oreo Dunk Challenge,” seeks to remind people how delightful it can be to twist, lick and dunk Oreos and the joy that comes from the aforementioned ritual. Insight for the campaign came from a study showing that rituals lead people to savor what they eat or drink.

Three new spots starring Shaquille O’Neal, Christina Aguilera and Brazilian soccer star Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. place the the famous faces in some pretty epic situations to show off thrilling ways to dunk their favorite cookies.

Shaq for example, in his 15-second spot, flies down a silk rope dressed in a sparkly blue jumpsuit (the perfect outfit to dunk in).

The second spot with Christina Aguilera places the singer on a tightrope, riding a bike, while the final ad with Neymar has him diving onto a trampoline. While Oreo wouldn’t suggest going to these type of extremes to dunk your cookies, the campaign aims to inspire a little fun and joy in Oreo fans, which it definitely accomplishes.

Spots begin airing today. Both the Shaq and Aguilera ads will also run during the Grammy Awards and the NCAA Final Four. The new campaign will roll out globally in over 50 countries throughout the beginning on 2017.

Outside of the three new 15-second spots, Oreo is also hosting a competition as part of the ongoing Wonderfilled platform. All extensions for the campaign are aimed at getting people to rediscover the childlike joy of dunking Oreos. The three campaign stars will be featured in fun digital extensions that will show the celebs dunking cookies in different ways.

Today Shaq is kicking things off with the first dunk of the campaign at Chelsea Market in New York, the birthplace of Oreo cookies, according to the brand. Shaq will introduce a new “hands-free Oreo cooking dunking,” that according to Oreo, “uses mind-reading technology” to dunk a cookie in milk and feed it to the Oreo eater.

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.