Navigating the Intersection of Finance and Innovation With BNY Mellon's Natalie Sunderland

The chief marketing and communications officer on the alignment of marketing and communications to drive earned media

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In this special episode recorded at ADWEEK’s Outlook 2024 event in New York, host Jenny Rooney sits down with Natalie Sunderland, chief marketing and communications officer at BNY Mellon, to discuss her career transition from a decade in tech startups to joining BNY Mellon.

During the conversation, Sunderland shares the similarities between the innovative spirit of BNY Mellon and the startup environment, positioning the institution as a dynamic player in the financial sector. She also provides insights into the company’s 240-year history, its status as the oldest bank in America and the ongoing transformation to stay relevant in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

Later in the episode, they discuss Sunderland’s views on the role of marketing within BNY Mellon, emphasizing the alignment of marketing and communications to drive earned media. Sunderland reflects on her leadership style, encouraging her team to think innovatively and contribute to reshaping the company’s narrative.

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