Insights on Building Meaningful Connections With Morgan Stanley's Alice Milligan

The CMO dives into the unique challenges and opportunities within the financial services landscape

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In the latest episode of Marketing Vanguard, Morgan Stanley CMO Alice Milligan delves into the unique challenges and opportunities within the financial services landscape.

With a background spanning consumer goods and marketing, she emphasized the significance of educating stakeholders about marketing’s impact in industries where its value might not be immediately apparent.

Drawing inspiration from her experiences in diverse areas like landscaping and sports, Milligan aims to make Morgan Stanley’s brand resonate deeply with clients, while also collaborating strategically with internal teams to ensure the brand’s relevance and appeal.

Listen to an all new episode of Marketing Vanguard to hear how the CMO cultivates meaningful partnerships with influential individuals, sports associations and artists, all aimed at nurturing a sense of community, purpose and inclusivity within the realm of finance.

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