LG’s ‘This Is Real’ Casts the V30 as the Phone of Truth in a Fake World

It's the anti-Instagram

Headshot of Angela Natividad

Ah, the post-truth world. It was problematic long before politics made it a banner. We were already suffering from nonstop FOMO, egged on by carefully curated social media universes, where we’re incentivized to share the best parts of ourselves.

Rallying against all that snackable fiction is LG. Its brand-new “This Is Real” campaign, created by Huge, spotlights a diversity of people who are making a commitment to share authentic footage of their lives, using the new V30. And while doing it, they promise “not to fake happiness for a like,” spoken by a woman who appears drenched in a wedding dress under pouring rain.

Here’s the global version of the hero spot.

The U.S. version is much the same, but includes a Latina character.

LG sought to reimagine “authenticity” for the smartphone generation. In many ways, it lay groundwork for this with “A Day in the Life,” where people like cinematographer David Franco of Game of Thrones walked us through his personal world.

But there is something more vulnerable about this work, which features people we may not actually know—a burlesque performer, a cook, an actress living with Alopecia, a deaf dancer and more. It’s often said that technology has facilitated self-expression, but how much of that is actually real?

Below, check out a short video about Marcus, the burlesque performer.

And here are Shaheem, a “dancer who happens to be deaf,” and Caroline, a signing social worker and dancer in her own right.

This isn’t your standard user-generated content. Obviously “This Is Real” is neatly produced, with a digital-savvy creative team led by executive creative director Fede Garcia. But something about it reminds us of the philosophy behind Diesel’s “Go with the Flaw,” an entirely fictive piece that exhorted viewers to embrace what makes them different.

Raw it is not. Rather, it’s a distant hug from strangers, a reminder that we’re all quirky, riddled with secrets but also magic. And so much is possible within the scope of our lives, even with the built-in constraints. In fact, it’s the latter that gives us something worth sharing.

“Being real to me is letting down your guard, letting people in, and just being bright, just being colorful,” Marcus says in his video. That’s precisely what we find here—color. We look forward to what comes next.

Creative: Huge
Production: Stink Films
Director: Jon + Torey
Managing Director: Jeff Baron
Executive Producer: Fran McGivern
Producer: Natalie Jacobson
DP: Jackson Hunt
Editor: Adam Marshall

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