Let's Talk About Brand Podcast: Creative B-to-B Branding With Hope Morley

The COO of Umault discusses why the market is so ripe for creativity

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When we think of creative branding efforts—especially videos—we often think of b-to-c brands. It is for this reason that creative b-to-b branding has an opportunity to stand out and be noticed.

In the latest episode of Let’s Talk About Brand, host Christine Gritmon is joined by Hope Morley, the chief operating officer of Umault and a master of the happy medium between “stale demo video” and “pure entertainment,” making entertaining and informative videos for b-to-b brands that really sell. They discuss why the b-to-b market is so ripe for creativity, the relationship between sales and marketing and why branding still matters in the b-to-b space.

Check out the latest episode below and be sure to catch up on season one of Let’s Talk About Brand, now available on all platforms. Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts or find it on Spotify.