Kumail Nanjiani Pops Into Real Dirty Scenes to Tell People They’re ‘Gonna Need More Tide’

The brand promotes its Tide Power Pods with a spot that celebrates messy moments

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Actor Kumail Nanjiani inserts himself into a series of moments where people are dealing with serious messes to remind them, with his signature dry wit, that they’re “gonna need more Tide.”

The campaign for the detergent brand’s new Tide Power Pods finds Nanjiani in a series of scenes where people are in the process of getting dirty and messy, like when they’re adopting a puppy, walking through a puddle, getting hit by dusty falling debris, dealing with a sloppy toddler or finding out they’re having triplets.

All the scenes feature real footage of people getting dirty, but Nanjiani appears to be everywhere all at once. He is digitally placed in each scene, like on a couch where a ceiling falls on a guy as he’s watching television and outside a window as a puppy knocks over a cup of coffee, as he tells each person, “you’re gonna need more Tide.”

“We had all these incredible clips of everyday people getting super messy. And we said, ‘alright, how do we find a way to inject a little humor? Kumail’s comedic chops are off the charts, his facial expressions, and once we saw him, [we said], he’s the perfect person for this role,” Alex Perez, senior brand director for North America Laundry, told Adweek.

Getting dirty is unavoidable and Tide is meeting them with its “You’re Gonna Need More Tide” campaign, done in partnership with its creative agency collaborative Woven. The campaign shows that the new product has 85% more Tide in every pack for a more complete clean following these dirty moments.

Meeting cultural moments

The new campaign is a another example of the P&G brand meeting cultural moments head on. Tide’s “It’s a Tide Ad” brilliantly captured viewers during the Super Bowl a few years ago, and it followed it up with its “Laundry Night” which became a national debate that bled over into social media.

With “You’re Gonna Need More Tide,” the brand hopes to again capture consumers’ attention, this time by highlighting real moments.

“Our goal was to find a fun and engaging way to let people know about Tide Power Pods, but really to make it something that’s shareable through memes and videos and lenses and encouraging user-generated content to drive engagement in a memorable way,” said Perez.

Working with Saatchi & Saatchi as part of P&G’s Woven collaborative, creative director Lauren Varvara and team came up with the concept based on the best way to show how messy life could get was using real life scenes. It’s one that can fit numerous formats and platforms, not just the hero television spots.

“It will be on social channels, influencer campaigns and everything over the next few months,” said Perez, adding that when the brand sees good messy moments, it will try to find ways to work them into the ongoing campaign, and that includes inviting consumers to share their messes.

With refreshed moments and video, Tide hopes to extend the theme for the next 12 to 18 months.

“Hopefully, in a year from now, anytime people see a mess, they respond, ‘Hey, you’re gonna need more Tide,’” said Perez.

The Tide Power Pods campaign will run during big television events, starting with March Madness, the NBA Playoffs, the Kentucky Derby and the NFL draft, as well as through its social and influencer channels.

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