Kathy Griffin Puts Her Potty Mouth to Use as Squatty Potty’s Spokeswoman

Pooping unicorn gets some competition

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Kathy Griffin has made a career of reading people the riot act, and there may be no one more skilled in pointing out hypocrisies, artifice and lies (especially if you’re a Real Housewife or a Kardashian).

Now, in a new ad for Squatty Potty, the acerbic comedian is taking aim at all of us, and here’s her message: We’re full of shit. Literally.

We know how to raise our kids? We care about our co-workers? We looooove each other? Full. Of. Shit, says Griffin.

Then she goes on to talk about why we’re full of shit. It’s because we sit on a toilet, which “makes it harder to go.” We’re all backed up—get it?

Squatty Potty, best known for its pooping-unicorn viral videos from the Harmon Brothers, has hired Griffin as its first celebrity spokesperson. The brand’s CEO and co-creator, Bobby Edwards, called her “quirky, brave and fearless,” and a good ambassador to help Squatty Potty broaden its audience and reach women 35-55.

Edwards said the brand team “fell in love” with the “full of shit” concept, from Bravery Films, and picked it from several choices “because it got the biggest laughs” from his staff.

The idea came from “addressing the elephant in the room,” said Howie Ronay, Bravery Films’ founder and chief creative officer, a former FCB exec who worked on the 2013 viral hit “Ship My Pants” for Kmart. “We know a lot of people struggle with this issue, and we decided to take a common colloquial phrase and use it literally.”

Griffin, no stranger to the ad world, immediately responded to the material, said Brad Lubin, Bravery Films founder and director, with the result “feeling very natural and not forced.”

Speaking of forced, Griffin notes in the ad that you could buy a Squatty Potty, which unkinks the colon and “makes it easier to go,” rather than taking a more invasive approach.

“It’s like a colonic, but you know, without the hose up your ass,” she says.

The ad, which features a smiling blue pile-o-poop in place of pixelation for the dirty word, will get all-digital distribution.

Client: Squatty Potty
Agency/Production Company – Bravery Films
Founder/Director: Brad Lubin
Founder/Chief Creative Officer: Howie Ronay
Executive Producer – Juliana Lubin
Line Producer – Mark Conley
DP – Thomas Kloss
Edited by Gareth McEwen, Speade U.K.
Post Production – Nice Biscuits, U.K.

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