John Stamos Will Knit You a Scarf If Geico’s Savings Aren’t Enough for You

He joins Idina Menzel and DJ Khaled in campaign about truly personal service

If you need a scarf knitted by John Stamos, there's literally only one man for the job. Geico
Headshot of David Griner

On social media, celebrities in 2020 don’t have much more to offer you than the occasional solemn video about how “we’re all in this together,” filmed from the socially distant comfort of their 200-room mansions.

But what if they could offer benefits that were a bit more practical?

In Geico’s campaign launched this summer, expanded today to include John Stamos, stars provide personalized service to random people whom the insurer is trying to impress with more than just savings.

Earlier spots showed Idina Menzel singing a personal theme song and DJ Khaled providing one-on-one motivation for a guy brushing his teeth.

So what’s Stamos’ superpower? Obviously, he’s been using his time in quarantine honing his arts and crafts skills. Celebrities—they’re just like the rest of us.

This isn’t the easiest time to create a campaign that positions celebrities as the kind of folks you actually want in your life. From the Gal Gadot-led cringefest of stars singing John Lennon’s Imagine to Elon Musk’s every move in 2020, celebs in the pandemic have seemed even more detached from the rest of us than ever before.

Geico’s longtime creative partner, The Martin Agency, worked around this by finding celebrities it felt have a certain level of mass appeal while also seeming grounded and relatable on a personal level.

“In these ads, we asked each of the celebs to do their thing,” said Martin Agency group creative director Neel Williams. “Khaled motivates with infectious energy, Idina sings with gusto, and Stamos charms with personality and style. So they’re doing what makes them each a big star, but doing it on such a personal, one-to-one level. There’s a surprising vulnerability in that kind of situation. Even more importantly, they’re not taking themselves too seriously and are all in on the joke.”

In a spot that broke in June, DJ Khaled brings his iconic hype game to the often-overlooked personal odyssey of teeth brushing.

In July, Geico rolled out a spot featuring Menzel, voice of Frozen’s Elsa and one of Broadway’s biggest megastars, who shows that she can be counted on to provide a stellar theme song, even if she might miss a few details about your career path.

@griner David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."