Infographic: How Phone Calls Can Help Boost ROI on Display Advertising

New study from DialogTech takes a deep dive

Native and social ads might get all the buzz in the world of digital marketing, but the humble display ad remains an integral part of any online campaign—and spend in the category is only continuing to grow. Still, there are some big hurdles attached to display that advertisers have yet to overcome. “As marketers allocate greater percentages of their budget to display advertising, they face increasing pressure to prove and optimize ROI,” explained Blair Symes, director of content marketing at call analytics firm DialogTech. “It can be a challenge, especially for businesses where phone calls play an important role in the customer journey.” A new study from DialogTech aims to help marketers connect the dots among display advertising, phone call conversions and marketing ROI.

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This story first appeared in the March 27, 2017, issue of Adweek magazine. Click here to subscribe.