The CMTO Report 2017

What It Took for Absolut to Pull Off a Major Product Launch at the Grammy Awards

Absolut Vodka took over the Grammys for one of their most successful product launches ever.

Pot Retailers Are Overhauling Their Shops to Make Them More Sleek and Sophisticated

As more states legalize marijuana, cannabis sellers are targeting the 'Chardonnay mom,’ no longer just the stoner dude.

How a Speculative Neuroscientist Uses Her Marketing Savvy to Create Immersive Experiences

Ashley Baccus-Clark has worked as a speculative neuroscientist at Hyphen-Labs, a 3-year-old collective of women of color that uses science and art to create experiences focused on social issues.

After Nearly a Century, Rawlings Baseball Gloves Still Rule the Diamond

There's not a baseball glove in America that hasn't been influenced by Bill Doak's 1920 design—and a good many of those bear the Rawlings brand name.

This San Francisco Shop Mimics a Hollywood Production Studio

In order for this new San Francisco agency to succeed, its creators knew it needed to be three things: fast, lean and famous.

Mattel Is Teaming Up With ABC for a New Competition Series to Find Its Next Big Toy

Their Shark Tank-like show, The Toy Box, could energize two different industries.

Infographic: How Phone Calls Can Help Boost ROI on Display Advertising

Display is booming, but perceived ROI is low. Here's how to fix it, according to a study from DialogTech.

Inside an Anonymous Marketing Group’s Efforts to Take Down Breitbart One Ad at a Time

Sleeping Giants aims to curb the network's influence in an effort by ad industry veterans.

The New Ways Established Brands Do Battle With Startups

Competition is nothing new to brand marketers, but over the past five years, the competition has changed.

These Tech-Savvy CMOs Embody All the Talents the Modern Marketer Needs

From GE to L'Oréal, these CMTOs have got game.