Infographic: Has Mar Tech Paid Off for Marketers?

Potential for cost savings and efficiency are big draws

More than half of marketers feel “overwhelmed” by the amount of mar-tech data they have to deal with today. iStock Photo
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Marketing technology is increasingly enabling marketers to be more strategic and direct their investments more effectively. But marketers also face challenges as they implement new strategies and integrate new technologies. More than half feel “overwhelmed” by the sheer amount of mar-tech data they’re now confronted with, according to Accenture Research. Meanwhile, only about a third of marketers globally believe the CEO of their company recognizes the revenue and cost-saving potential of investing in mar tech, and the majority think the mar-tech industry itself is evolving faster than their company’s use of it. Still, nearly seven in 10 marketers are turning to mar tech to increase overall ROI, and nearly half are doing so to improve their marketing efficiency.

Jim LaLonde, head of marketing platforms, North America, Accenture Interactive, said that with technology investment up across organizations, “the challenge for marketers is to identify the right mix of technology to make consumers feel like they are having a truly personalized experience.”

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@ejwander Erik Wander is the digital features editor at Adweek where he oversees Adweek's Story Desk.