Ikea Wants You to Reach Ultimate Decorating Satisfaction With Its Kåma Sutra

Innuendo reigns in new work from Ogilvy

Design enlightenment, with a little sass. Ikea
Headshot of Shannon Miller

Ikea and creative agency Ogilvy New York have worked together on quite a few campaigns, but none of them have felt quite as, um, satisfying as their latest, rather cheeky collaboration.

To help burgeoning home decorators achieve enlightened spacial fulfillment, the furniture titans have released a 44-page digital guidebook titled The IKEA Kåma Sutra: The Ultimate Guide to Bedroom Satisfaction, inspired by the famed Sanskrit text on sexuality and emotional fulfillment. Don’t worry, this version is a little safer for work and almost as intriguing.

The lookbook is compiled of a number of creative “positions” to help the user find their ideal aesthetic and maximize their space. The guide is a product of months of research by the Ikea team, who monitored insights on how people tend to navigate their homes.

While some of the more suggestive monikers are more than blush-worthy—like “The Doggy Style,” explicitly conceptualized for pet owners—the collection of positions are cleverly designed to accommodate an array of differently sized rooms.

The book is also interactive, allowing readers to not only fawn over the gorgeous illustrations but to also click through some of the linked items available for purchase.

When you’re not fanning yourself over the campaign’s more sultry undertones, you can flip through each layout and take note of some of the actual solutions that the company provides for some common decor challenges. “The Busy Hands,” for example, might be ideal for someone looking to perfectly arrange their studio space, or “The Widely Open,” featuring exposed closets, could bring just the right trendy touch to your bedroom. It’s innuendo with a purpose.

“We believe that the art of living a better everyday life at home starts in the bedroom—after all, it’s where every day begins—and this light-hearted manual gives people some added stimulation to experiment with and enjoy their private sanctuaries,” said Sue Slominski, IKEA U.S. consumer and customer engagement manager.

The IKEA Kåma Sutra: The Ultimate Guide to Bedroom Satisfaction is available to view in full on the store website.

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Shannon Miller is a writer, podcast creator and contributor to Adweek.