Ikea and Ogilvy Want to Help You ‘Become the Morning Person You’re Not’

A little sleep goes a long way

The 'Morningmorphosis' campaign aims to make you feel a bit more productive in the early hours. Ogilvy New York
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It is rather easy to advise people to get a good night’s rest, but you know what’s difficult? Actually getting a good night’s rest.

Between the siren’s call of productivity and the unrelenting nature of media (both news and social), it can be hard to draw a hard line and get a decent amount of sleep. The environments that we cultivate can help us get into a healthier mindset, one that encourages the kind of rest that better prepares us for the day ahead.

With their famously immense stock of home furnishings, Ikea has long been one of the bastions of home decor. Their latest campaign is geared towards helping consumers create living spaces so peaceful that it may even turn them in these supposed “morning people” we hear so much about.

The furniture giant collaborated with agency Ogilvy New York to create “The Morningmorphosis,” a humorous collection of 15-second spots that spotlight the power of the right mattress and bedroom organizational tools.

In the spot “Nice Hair,” the woman’s new Ikea mattress afforded her so much restful sleep that she awoke with enough time and energy to discover the wonders of “shampoo for the shower.” Dry shampoo may have finally met its match.

The remaining ads “Big Breakfast,” “Stealthy Exit,” and “Workout” continue to demonstrate how their products can help provide the peace of mind that’ll lead to performing just a little better, whether that means getting your fitness routine organized or simply having enough energy to cook a decent breakfast and make a killer playlist.

“The Morningmorphosis” is the latest example of a shift in marketing that lauds healthy attitudes towards rest instead of the constant bustle of a hustle culture that has often defined millennial and Z generations. Consistent with its brand, the campaign centers the need for finding the items that help you strike a suitable balance.

Agency: Ogilvy New York
Executive Creative Director: Vicki Azarian
Group Creative Director: Della Mathew
ACD Art Director: Monica Apodaca
ACD Copywriter: Andrew Chisholm
Art Director: Grace Donahue
Copywriter: Thatcher Jensen
Executive Producer: Jenna Gartland
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Group Planning Director: Leslie Stone
Senior Planner: Laure Borot

Production: O Positive
Director: Jess Coulter
Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella, Marc Grill
Line Producer: Jason Reda
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Editorial: MackCut
Editor: Erik Laroi

Color: The Mill
Colorist: Mikey Rossiter

Sound Mix: Sonic Union
Mixer/Engineer: Mike Marinelli

Music: Human Worldwide

Shannon Miller is a writer, podcast creator and contributor to Adweek.