Hidden Valley Ranch Partners With Itself for a Double Ranch AR Crossover

A Snapchat Lens will allow people to buy an X-shaped bottle of ranch

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To prove it cares about flavor, Hidden Valley Ranch is partnering with itself for a Double Ranch crossover and product drop that will allow fans to purchase a limited-edition, X-shaped bottle of the condiment through an AR Snapchat Lens. The “X” symbol is typically used by brands in crossover promotions.

Beginning Nov. 18 at 2 p.m. ET, Hidden Valley Ranch fans will be able to point the Snapchat Lens at any “X” they see in the real-world to cause the Double Ranch bottle to appear in AR. A “Buy Now” option will also appear, allowing them to purchase one of the 222 available X-shaped ranch bottles. Each limited-edition bottle will come with a double ramekin and a reversible bucket hat in a bundle priced at $44.

People will also have the chance to purchase one of the Double Ranch bundles without using Snapchat by visiting Hidden Valley’s website.

“We love the excitement of drop culture and looked to bring that excitement to our ranch fans,” said CC Ciafone, marketing director at Hidden Valley Ranch. “Our HVRxHVR collab shows just how serious we are about our ranch flavor. There’s nothing ranchier than the double herbs, double spices, and the double ranch of this limited-edition release!”

Hidden Valley will promote its Double Ranch drop Nov. 18 at ComplexCon in Long Beach, California.

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