Halo Top Continues Its Body-Positive Message With 3 New Spots

The ice cream brand's 'Stop Shoulding Yourself' campaign evolves

The campaign is scheduled to run until the end of August.Halo Top

Halo Top is bringing its body-positive “Stop Shoulding Yourself” ad campaign back for another summer with three new spots.

Similar to last year’s marketing effort, the calorie-conscious ice cream brand is encouraging viewers to stop telling themselves to conform when it comes to body shape, fitness routine or social niceties.

Phrases such as “I ‘should’ turn it down,” “I ‘should’ snack less” and “I ‘should’ bulk up” show up throughout the commercials before being confronted with the “Stop Shoulding Yourself” slogan.

“We want to continue to champion holistic wellbeing, and these creative spots do just that,” Chelsea Parker, senior marketing manager at Halo Top, said in a statement. “We want to empower our fans to take a moment to feel good about enjoying dessert, without the pressure.”

At present, more than half of all Americans say they have a weight loss or weight management goal, according to market research firm Reach3 Insights.

The findings come about a year after people around the world went into lockdown following the Covid-19 outbreak. A global survey of 19,000 adults located in more than a dozen countries revealed 45% of participants had gained weight during the pandemic.

Parker said while the past year has been hard and people “may not look or feel the same as they used to,” Halo Top’s campaign is meant to support shoppers who want to “enjoy a dessert that fits into their personal wellness journey,” whatever that journey might look like.

Halo Top’s new commercials, created by Deloitte Digital, debuted throughout April. The ads are scheduled to appear on linear TV, Hulu, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube until the end of August.

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