Gen Z Is Shaking Up Gender Norms, and Brands Need to Be Dialed In as Priorities Shift

Opinion: Take note from younger generations while creating campaigns

a bunch of people are broken down into six rows; in the top row all the people wear red shirts, in the second row everyone wears an orange shirt, in the third row the people wear a yellow shirt, the fourth row is filled with green shirts, the fifth rows has people wearing blue shirts, and finally the last row the people wear purple shirts
A priority for Gen Z is to be their most authentic selves. Getty Images

In an era rife with discussion over gender equality and diversity, traditional expectations of masculinity and femininity are changing shape. In fact, gender defiance is the new rule. Every day, trending hashtags like #LGBTQTogether, #LGBTQUnite or #LGBTQRuleTheWorld show thousands of Gen Zers breaking down stereotypes by proudly wearing and being what makes them feel good.

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@digital_benji Benjamin Lord is executive director, global omnichannel marketing, CRM and loyalty at NARS and is a member of the Brandweek Innovators Council.