Fruit of the Loom Has a Message for the Topless Selfie Dudes of Instagram: #PutAShirtOn

CP+B just wants to help the bros get clothes

The clothing brand is worried that men's lower-quality shirts are being #ripped and #shredded. Fruit of the Loom
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Fruit of the Loom is tackling the big issues, and has taken it upon itself to address a growing epidemic—men’s shirtless selfies. In a social campaign released recently, the household name in undergarments urges men to #PutAShirtOn and stop the senseless spread of shirtlessness.

The tongue-in-cheek PSA gravely announces that “every 7.3 seconds, a man posts a photo of himself without a shirt.”

Some might assume the source of this trend is something obvious, like narcissism. But Fruit of the Loom believes a more tragic problem is behind all these bare-chested photos: shirts are falling apart before men can take a picture in them.

The solution? Fruit of the Loom’s Eversoft tees with Dual Defense. Men can not only defend against odor and moisture, they can also defend against shirtlessness.

The video urges friends and families to attack the problem head on by commenting #PutAShirtOn on shirtless selfies. With just one hashtag a day “you can make a difference” says the PSA.

The digital campaign, created by CP+B, went out across all Fruit of the Loom social media platforms and created engagement with several people who are more than aware of the social media plague of shirtlessness. It is all explained at, where, for just the cost of a sandwich, your generosity will keep a man from ever having to take a shirtless selfie again.

Client: Fruit of the Loom
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@cara_02 Cara Anderson is a contributor to Adweek.