Cara Anderson

Cara Anderson

Cara Anderson is a contributor to Adweek.

Soccer Helps a 6-Year Old Migrant Make New Friends in UNICEF’s Heartwarming PSA

Plus, a cameo from a Spanish football star.

Just Add Water—This Drinkable Black Metal Record is Made From Coffee

McCann Prague presses a high-intensity vinyl campaign.

Kid Athletes Are Anything but Fragile in This Upbeat Anthem From Nike China

It's a clear message for overprotective adults.

Call Me By Your Name Gets a Peach-Scented Vinyl Soundtrack

The 'Call Me By Your Name' soundtrack gets a peachy update for harvest season this summer.

New BBC Series Sheds Light on Women Suffering Through Pain in Silence

A new BBC film series focuses on candid personal accounts of the health battles of four women.

Volkswagen Invites Benched U.S. Soccer Fans to ‘Jump on the Wagen’ for a New World Cup Team

Fans from different countries make their pitch to Americans to hop on their World Cup bandwagon.

This Brewer Will Print World Cup Tweets Onto Beer Foam to Keep Fans Off Their Phones

Norrlands Guld and Åkestam Holst get heady with this truly bizarre innovation.

MAC Cosmetics and Vice Created a Surreal, Hypnotic Homage to Aaliyah’s Legacy

The A-Z series on Vice's i-D platform celebrates the life and legacy of R&B legend Aaliyah.

New Crayola Beauty Line Is Focused on Inclusivity to Let Anyone Color Outside the Lines

ASOS partnered with the brand to launch the crayon-inspired collection.

‘Know Your Girls’ Campaign Spotlights Breast Cancer’s Tragic Toll on Black Women

The disease strikes black women younger and more aggressively.