Just Add Water—This Drinkable Black Metal Record is Made From Coffee

McCann Prague presses a high-intensity vinyl campaign

Blacker than Black
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Regular coffee might give you a warm and fuzzy feeling in the morning, acting as a gentle wake up call. But Peter’s Cold Brew is not regular coffee. The triple strength elixir, nicknamed ‘Liquid Cocaine’, is being promoted with a “Blacker than Black” campaign that seeks to bring a new level of multi-sensory intensity to black coffee.

The campaign is the work of McCann Prague and apparently includes fully functional vinyl records made from pressed coffee. With help from food innovator Patrick Galencser, the team created this first-ever type of vinyl LP that becomes a drinkable “high-octane cold brew” (a mocha, to be precise) when broken up and mixed with water.

The record features four black metal songs—track titles include “Ballad for a Dying Unicorn” and “Dead Kitten Death Metal”. A case study video says the agency delivered the vinyl to journalists, influencers and coffee enthusiasts alike, and spurred by social media, reached more than 550,000 people.

Some might argue that mixing any chocolate—even dark chocolate—into your coffee is not very metal at all.

Advertising Agency: McCann, Prague, Czech Republic
Chief Creative Officer :Razvan Capanescu
Creative Director: Jiri Horut
Art Directors: Jiri Horut, Hayley Smith
Copywriter: Aidan Whitley, Razvan Capanescu
3d Artist: Vojtech Salek
Motion Designers: Filip Šušić, Tomáš Matis, Aramayis Tokhyan
Offline Editor: Filip Šušić
Food Innovator: Patrick Gelencser
Sound Studio: SYPE Studios
Sound Engineers: Jindrich Kravarik, Jakub Šimandl
Voiceover: Peter Hosking
Dtp: Benjamin Mulderer
Account Directors: Lucie Srbkova, Hana Prokopová
Head Of Production: Jitka Baldwin
Digital Production Executives: Markéta Šprenclová, Tomáš Patlich
Talent Managers: Antonín Milata, Tereza Urbancová
Agency Producer: Pavlina Nagyova
DoP: Daniel Momany
PR Communication Manager: Alice Reindlová
Media: OOH, Indoor Posters, Print, Radio, Direct Mail

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@cara_02 Cara Anderson is a contributor to Adweek.