Dollar Shave Club’s Newest Product: Toilet Wipes for Dudes

'We want to service your face, your a-- and everything in between'

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Dollar Shave Club, a mail-order razor company known for its sense of humor, is unveiling a video to announce a fresh product line—flushable toilet wipes for men. 

"We want to service your face, your a–, and everything in between," Michael Dubin, the comic-turned-CEO of Dollar Shave Club, told Adweek.

Humor aside, Dubin doesn't appear to be kidding when it comes to expanding 13-month-old Dollar Shave Club. He wants to take on the multi-billion-dollar toilet paper market the way he's been able to nab a piece of the shaving-products space.

The "manly" wipes will be peppermint-scented and include extracts of Aloe vera, marshmallow, cucumber, oat, chamomile and other ingredients. They'll be sold at in $4 packs of 40.

"They don't smell like baby wipes," Dubin explained. "The packaging is very masculine. It's going to look very nice in the back of your stall. Twenty-five percent of men are embarrassed for using wipes. But 51 percent of men are using wipes regularly."

Dubin's company conducted a survey and found that 90 percent of men are satisfied with their "level of clean" after using wipes versus only about 50 percent when it comes to those who use toilet paper. "It's a big opportunity," he said.

While Dubin isn't the first to come up with wipes for dudes, he sees his latest move as just the beginning of a grander e-commerce vision. He thinks his firm will eventually represent a virtual one-stop shop for men's bathroom items.

"Twelve to 16 months from now, you'll have a whole slew of products that you can drag and drop," he said. "It'll be the easiest place for guys to get the things they use every day."

The wipes introduction comes on the heels of Dollar Shave Club's  radio-and-digital Father's Day campaign. Dubin, who trained with the improv troupe Upright Citizens Brigade, said he wrote the words for both the radio spots and the new videos. And why not? Last year, his slapstick video brainchild—which included a shaving toddler, a bear and a machete—blew up to 10 million YouTube views.

Additionally, he's raised $10.9 million in funding while growing his mail-order subscriber base to 200,000. 

"At my core, I am a creative writer, and I am passionate about business," Dubin declared.

And he probably won't mind being the butt of a few jokes—as long as people talk about Dollar Shave's dude wipes.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.