Dollar Shave Club Is Looking for a New CMO to Take the Company Through the Brand’s Next Era

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Michael Dubin wants creativity not just in ads, but in the ecommerce experience as well. Sean T. Smith for Adweek
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As Dollar Shave Cub continues to push through the next phase of its brand, dubbed “Dollar Shave Club 2.0,” founder and CEO Michael Dubin is looking for a new CMO to lead the company.

During a discussion at Brandweek with Adweek editorial director James Cooper, Dubin said he wants a CMO that can lead creativity across several different platforms (and even shared his email to the crowd to send suggestions his way). The company’s former CMO, Adam Weber, left in 2017 to join Everything But the House, an online estate sale company.

“It’s not just the advertising channels, what you see on television, what you see on Facebook, [but] the digital product platform itself,” Dubin said. “Our digital store has to be just as creative as the commercials you just saw.”

The commercial Dubin’s referencing is the brand’s latest campaign called “Get Ready,” featuring different people preparing for the day. Dubin wants the creativity (and humor) seen in the campaign to reflect across the digital store, with the help of product designers that can recognize how a user navigates that space.

“People more and more are calling it product design and your digital store or digital presence is an interactive, living, breathing application that is based on the success of which relies on your product designers having a really intuitive understanding of how the user’s eyeball moves across the screen or what their instinct is going to be and anticipating that so we know where the button should go or where the copy should move as you shrink your browser size,” Dubin said. “It inherently is a creative exercise, just like building a house that is designed to be beautiful and functional.”

All of this emphasis on product design and creativity is to continue making Dollar Shave Club 2.0 relevant for both its previous customers and any new ones who come in through the mix. However, as Dubin previously expressed, he’s not interested in opening a retail store or focusing the brand on women’s products (for now).

“I think that we always design our fragrances and our formulas to be appealing to women but we’ve never take a sort of, these products are designed for women approach because we think the big market right now is for guys and helping solve those problems for guys,” Dubin said. “We are interested in solving problems for guys as it relates to helping them take care of their minds and bodies.”

Dollar Shave Club 2.0 is the company’s answer to trying to fix all sorts of issues men might have in the body and skincare space and not just through products, but with content as well.

“We’ve purposely decided to invest millions of dollars in our content and content ecosystem because it’s not enough to just have a branded content shop,” Dubin said. “You can’t just have advertisements that sell your products. Brands now need to make a meaningful contribution to our life on this planet.”

@itstheannmarie Ann-Marie Alcántara is a tech reporter for Adweek, focusing on direct-to-consumer brands and ecommerce.