Chronic Cellars Brings Skeleton Mascot to Life as AI Sommelier

People can ask the character questions in augmented reality

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To teach people about its beverages, winemaker Chronic Cellars worked with design firm Rock Paper Reality on an augmented reality experience featuring Chronic’s skeleton character, Purple Paradise, who has been turned into an AI sommelier.

Rock Paper Reality worked with Niantic’s 8th Wall AR platform and AI character engine Inworld to create the experience. People can view Purple Paradise in a virtual environment, as well as in AR, and ask questions about Chronic’s product line, recipes and more.

While the AR feature only allows people to speak to the mascot, the virtual environment also has a space for typing questions and viewing a transcript of the conversation.

The AR experience is being promoted at Chronic’s tasting room in Paso Robles, California, through social media and elsewhere.

“Wine can be perceived as intimidating, especially by those who are new to the category, so we see this as a valuable opportunity to break down barriers for consumers by allowing them to ask questions to an expert without fear of judgment,” said Patrick Cramb, vp of brand marketing at WX Brands, the parent company of Chronic Cellars.

“This AI sommelier experience is totally in line with Chronic’s mission to deliver unpretentious, delicious wines to a diverse range of consumers. We continue to be impressed with the innovations at Rock Paper Reality that engage our audience with the latest technologies in immersive and AI. We believe this is transformational technology for the future of wine.”

Rock Paper Reality previously worked with Chronic Cellars in 2022 to add AR-enabled labels to the winemaker’s products, allowing consumers to scan a QR code to access a dice game starring Purple Paradise.

“Collaborating on this pioneering project with 8th Wall, Inworld and Chronic Cellars represents a synergy not just of technology, but of visionary storytelling within the commercial sector. This is a transformational shift in branding, bringing Chronic Cellars’ Purple Paradise to life and morphing him from a static character into an engaging, AI-enhanced sommelier,” said Omead Sinai, head of strategy at Rock Paper Reality.

“This venture showcases the transformative power of AR and generative AI in crafting personalized, dynamic interactions with consumers, setting a new benchmark in immersive experiences. At RPR, we aim to stay at the forefront of storytelling and leverage the latest technology and partnerships to do so, redefining what’s achievable in immersive marketing.”

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