Chobani Designed Tubes of Squeezable Greek Yogurt to Help Consumers Make Healthier Food Choices

Introducing Chobani Savor

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You’ve maybe seen sour cream in a squeezable tube, but yogurt behemoth Chobani wants to offer consumers a healthier alternative for all your savory cravings, from tacos to baked potatoes. The brand recently launched a new product—called Chobani Savor—for greek yogurt lovers looking to spice up their meals.

Chobani Savor retails for $2.99 and comes in a 14-ounce, resealable pouch. Chobani notes that it has 50 percent fewer calories, 75 percent less fat and twice the protein of sour cream. But why does a yogurt company need to get into sour cream’s territory when yogurt sales are projected to reach $9.8 billion by 2022, according to a recent report?

The brand’s CCO, Leland Maschmeyer, noted that the idea for Chobani Savor came from listening to consumers about their food wants and needs.

“We knew there was a desire to use the product beyond just a spoonable, breakfast occasion,” he said. “Yogurt globally is a culinary staple. It’s part of so many different recipes and is used in so many different ways throughout the day. I think a lot of people in the United States were starting to learn about the versatility of the yogurt and the nutritional benefits of it.”

The main challenge in bringing said packaging to life was that the brand really only had two formats for plain yogurt: a 5.3 oz cup and a 32 oz tub. Chobani also wanted to ensure that the design of the product made it very clear how it was meant to be used.

“We believed we needed a new format to meet the way that people were using our product and people who did not know that you could use yogurt as a condiment or a healthy swap. We wanted to create packaging that signaled that was exactly how you should use it,” Maschmeyer said. Recipes will play a role in getting the message across to how consumers are meant to use the new product (and images like the ones above and below), but the brand is really counting on the package design to do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Chobani also tested a lot of different styles of squeezable tubes in the process of landing on its final product to ensure that the yogurt stayed thick and creamy over time. The design on the packaging also needed to stay in line with what the brand stands for, “which is natural, craft-oriented and simple,” in order to stand out in the condiment space, Maschmeyer added.

Chobani Savor will be available in the coming weeks everywhere you can buy Chobani yogurt.

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@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.