Can Jägermeister’s Bold Rebranding Effort Shake Off the Brand’s Long-Standing Frat Bro Image?

German-focused Opperman Weiss campaign targets millennials

The brand is going for dark and moody in its latest campaign. Jägermeister

Jägermeister is fully aware of how it’s been perceived over the past several decades—and how it’s been celebrated at frat parties on college campuses across the country. From Jäger-bombs to shots, the liquor is arguably less known for its complex flavor profile than it is for its party vibes. Chris Peddy, Mast-Jägermeister U.S. CMO, is not trying to hide Jäger’s past. Instead, he’s looking to change society’s associations with the iconic licorice-flavored amaro.

@sammynickalls Sammy Nickalls is a freelance writer and the former departments editor at Adweek.