Recreates the Addams Family Mansion in Brooklyn

It's creepy and it's kooky, mysterious and available Halloween weekend

Black bedroom with skull wallpaper and fake snakes on the bed is no stranger to experiential marketing. Dianna McDougall for Adweek

At least for Halloween weekend, the Addams Family mansion is on the market—in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood. and MGM Studios resurrected the famous 1313 Cemetery Lane abode, where guests can pony up $101 per night to stay in Gomez and Morticia’s iconic home. Visitors spending the night in the 19th-century walk-up that’s been transformed into the Addams Family house can sleep soundly in Wednesday’s guillotine bed, poke at more than several of Gomez’s hanging sabers or summon demons from a Ouija board, branded of course by Adweek spotted more than a few (plastic) snakes and cockroaches littering the floors. Be careful when you lift the butter dish. There’s even a backyard equipped with a mattress fortress for Uncle Fester.

Thing, the hand from Addams Family, on the keys for a player piano
Dianna McDougall

“What we want to do with these fun accommodations is really inspiring people. Of course, you can book in a standard hotel, a nice hotel, but there are other experiences that you didn’t even know we offered,” said’s CMO and svp, Arjan Dijk. His team spent just under a week flipping the brownstone to replicate the movie.

Twin bed in a green room with a guillotine as a headboard
Dianna McDougall is no stranger to experiential marketing.

Last May, the travel site teamed with Sony Pictures to recreate the Men in Black HQ, available for several nights in London. In August, added a night in a sandcastle for National Sandcastle Day at Luna Park on Coney Island.

In fact, it’s a trend across the entire travel industry, as brands have jumped at the opportunity to offer immersive experiences. Earlier this month, nostalgic ’90s kids could spend a night at the Lisa Frank Hotel, courtesy of Whiskey lovers can spend a night in Jim Beam’s distillery, and Barbie fans can room in her “Malibu Dreamhouse,” both courtesy of Airbnb.

GIF: Portrait of a woman turns into a ghoulish, screaming rendition of itself.

The partnership with is all part of an Addams Family advertising blitz, which has seen the film’s characters and aesthetic plastered on everything from IHOP pancakes to Hershey’s candy. Although the film was released earlier this month, it’s clearly relevant during Halloween weekend.

Scary ghost-looking doll sitting in an electric chair
Dianna McDougall
Ax sticking out of a dart board with caution signs on the wall behind it
Dianna McDougall
Suit of armor with no helmet
Dianna McDougall
A room in the recreated Addams Family house with dark Victorian wallpaper and a polar bear rug
Dianna McDougall
A fake hand sits in a box in a closet.
Dianna McDougall
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