Balancing Brand and Demand: What Is an ‘Outcome’ in Media? Depends on Who You Ask  

Omnicom leaders discuss the importance of specificity when it comes to KPIs

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What is an “outcome?” According to Omnicom leaders, it depends on whether you’re asking a brand’s CMO or CFO. 

In this episode of Yeah, That’s Probably An Ad, recorded live from the ADWEEK Podcast Lounge at Commerceweek presented by OMD, ADWEEK community editor Luz Corona sat down with OMD’s chief investment officer, Kelly Metz, and Omnicom Media Group chief intelligence officer Joanna O’Connell to discuss the ever-evolving challenge of balancing brand and demand. 

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The agency leaders pointed out a few common challenges they have identified in client conversations: misalignment on the metrics for success between marketing and finance teams, being strategic regarding first-party data, and basing measurement frameworks off archaic industry structures that need a complete revamp. The biggest key takeaway is that everyone is on the same page in the same book. 

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The current marketing landscape is complex. As a marketer or brand manager, juggling short-term, results-driven priorities with long-term planning and investment can be challenging. You need a partner who understands your business and can help elevate your brand.

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