Super Bowl Spot Stars Jeff Goldblum and Bickering Aliens

The spot by RPA goes sci-fi to find a rental property for extraterrestrials

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Jeff Goldblum is no stranger to science fiction. The quirky star has been in blockbusters including The Fly and Jurassic Park, among many others. Goldblum’s alter ego, Brad Bellflower, can now be added to the sci-fi universe, getting in touch with aliens in a Super Bowl spot for

Bellflower, the longtime spokescharacter for, is returning to the Super Bowl with a 30-second spot, “Extraterrentrials,” by RPA. In it, we see what looks like an alien invasion movie, with a crew of scientists and soldiers prepared for the worst when some gruesome-looking aliens come out of their craft.

A bold general asks the two aliens why they’ve come and what they want. Bellflower jumps in to translate, saying that they’re looking for rentals. “I know renters when I see ’em,” says Bellflower with assurance, as he explains that’s what everyone needs when they move to a new city or galaxy.

Bellflower then offers up a nice one bedroom. To that, one of the aliens replies that it wants a two bedroom, to have a place when the mother visits. The other one wants to stick with the one bedroom (there’s always a place for a mother-in-law joke).

It ends with Bellflower saying, “, the place to find a place,” as he’s beamed up., RPA

A media strategy extends the campaign

“Leading up to the Super Bowl, leveraged extraterrestrial buzz in culture to generate intrigue and awareness across media channels by leaning into the possibility of a new Goldblum sci-fi film,” said Fred Saint, president of marketplaces at CoStar Group, in a statement.

The campaign began weeks ahead of the Super Bowl, when the first 15-second teaser was introduced during the NFL divisional playoff game. The campaign was helmed by directing duo Will Speck and Josh Gordon, known for films like Blades of Glory, Office Christmas Party and the recent Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, along with many commercials. 

“The goal was to borrow a bit from Jeff Goldblum’s many past iconic roles and create intrigue and speculation about what this upcoming project might be,” said Perrin Anderson, svp, group creative director at RPA, adding that even though the teasers were unbranded, many people would make the connection through the 10 years of the Bellflower character.

Following the first teaser, unbranded out-of-home disguised as movie poster​s​ showed up in Times Square, the Los Angeles Arena​ and several other locations throughout LA. To build added suspense, collaborated with six TikTok “MovieTok” creators. In addition, a Reddit entertainment category takeover targeted where alien and other conspiracy chatter takes place. 

​​​“The media strategy and investment reflect what a movie marketing plan would entail,” said Abe Diaz, vp, group media director at RPA. “Our key target audience for this campaign skews to younger renters, and we anticipated they would take this and run with it.” 

This is one of two campaigns from RPA. The Los Angeles agency also produced three ads for fellow CoStar Group brand featuring Dan Levy and Heidi Gardner.

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