AI Turns Vegans Into Carnivores in New Steak-umm Campaign

Tombras creates "DeepSteaks" to warn the public about misinformation

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Take a peek into a focus group of vegans, where a handful of participants talk about what it means to them to follow an animal-free diet. 

One man says it “shows I’m a moral person,” while another proudly points to his “V” for vegan tattoo and a woman adds: “I would never consider eating meat again—sometimes I get disgusted watching people eat a steak or a cheeseburger.”

Yet moments later, these same test subjects change their tune entirely, professing that “meat is like a religion for me,” “when I see someone eat a salad, I just feel sorry for them,” and “I truly believe that meat can heal the rift in this country.” 

They also, apparently, scarf down a massive “100% real beef” and cheese sandwich made with Steak-umm.




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